Gundrilling machine

TBT Tiefbohrtechnik – Providing you with the gundrilling machine you need!

From the horizontal gundrilling machine of our ML series to the milling, drilling and threading centres of the BW series, you will always find the appropriate solution for the task at hand.

Designed with the assistance of the FE-method, our standard BW machines are enhanced by their excellent milling performance. For large single-lip tools and STS-tools automatic tool change solutions are also available.

You are looking for a gundrilling machine for a particular case? If your requirement cannot be covered by our standard machine program, special adjustments to our standard machines are another option. On the basis of existing standard components we can offer special purpose machines customized to suit your requirements.

More information on all our individual solutions to provide you with the gundrilling machine you need can be found here...


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