Deep Drilling Machine

TBT Tiefbohrtechnik – The perfect Deep Drilling Machine for your needs!

Since 1966 we have delivered worldwide more than 1000 horizontal deep drilling machines. Our customers specially like the precision and the durability of the TBT deep drilling machines. The production program covers in the meantime completely all requirements, from smallest drilling diameters below 1 mm up to extremely large diameters.

If your requirement cannot be covered by our standard deep drilling machine program, special adaptations to our standard machines are another option. Using the base modules of our existing standard machines we can offer special purpose deep drilling machines customised to suit your requirements. Typical examples are the deep hole drilling of cylinder heads, cylinder blocks or pellet dies.

In the case of retrofitting your deep drilling machine, our name stands for highest quality. At TBT you will get the complete warranty for parts as well as for the work carried out. Optionally we offer also static acceptances.

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